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As an attorney, you must have found yourself short on staff and time on numerous occasions. You must have hated yourself when you had to refuse that case because you didn’t have more associates to help you or you just did not have the time to scale up the number of attorneys in your law firm.

Our friend Bob is a solo practitioner and does not have to worry about these issues anymore. Every time a new case comes up, Bob gets in touch with Offshore Research Partners and hires three associates at the cost of one. The team at ORP works with Bob on the case and provides him to-the-point case laws, arguments, legal research, drafts of motions and pleadings, responses to interrogatories, responses to requests for production and much more.

The process begins with Bob sending a brief email about the case to ORP and the attorneys read the case file and now know as much about the case history as Bob. Bob works with the attorneys and prepares a to-do list which includes: -

1. List of documents to prepare
2. List of legal issues to research
3. List of witnesses/ experts to research

Apart from this, ORP attorneys also help Bob index all the case-related data into an easily searchable folder which Bob then accesses in real time by using a secure cloud computing platform of his choice. He also gets all his research and preliminary drafts of all litigation documents well before the court deadline and can afford to take up more cases without sacrificing on the personal attention and quality that each of his clients deserve.

Bob passes on the cost benefits of using ORP’s attorneys to his clients, who are all delighted to receive a much quicker response time and a much smaller legal bill.

Bob is now working on more number of cases simultaneously than before. He doesn’t have to do any of the grunt work that he used to spend hours on. As a side-effect, he now spends more time with his wife and his new born kid and all his friends keep wondering how Bob manages so much work in such little time!

Offshore Research Partners is a research-oriented Legal Process Outsourcing firm based in Kolkata, India which can make your life as an attorney comfortable and easy by providing you round the clock support on all your litigation related matters.

Do request a meeting/demo/proposal for “Real” Litigation Support, contact or call 1-800-570-3670 and ask for Ashish.


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