Litigation Support

Litigation Support

Juror Background Report

Select the right jury with our Juror Background Report. Order a Juror Background Report right after receiving the jury list and receive comprehensive information on all or selected jurors on the list.

Report Includes:

  • Voter History and Registration Status
  • Federal and State Political Contributions
  • Social Media Information
  • Bankruptcy Filings
  • Liens and UCC Filings
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation History
  • Properties Owned and List of Neighbors based on property listings
  • Relatives
  • Sexual Offences
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The Bench Report (Judge Profile)

  • Assess the ruling tendency of a Judge on a motion or area of law
  • Receive custom research report on how a judge has ruled in similar cases in the past
  • Strategize based on intelligence gained from our Bench Report
  • Gain an insight into the trends with our interactive graphs and charts
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Deposition Summary

  • Concise summaries guaranteed to extend maximum benefit
  • Secure FTP/Web/Email Upload to encrypted servers for data security
  • Summaries delivered in customized format
  • Customary ratio of 1 summarized page per 8-12 transcript pages
  • Receive secured MS Word, PDF, RTF or TIFF formats
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Legal Drafting

Utilize the services of qualified US attorneys to assist you with drafting of motions and other briefs while you focus on the more important aspects of your case. Our attorneys have years of drafting experience and produce ready-to-file documents.

  • Motions in Limine
  • Daubert Motions
  • Memoranda
  • Opinion Letters
  • Pre-trial orders
  • Jury instructions
  • Discovery Requests and Responses
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Document Review

  • Excellence through details giving shape to information
  • Systematic protocol to ensure Uniformity of Data
  • See project progress in real time
  • Streamlined process to reduce risks and costs
  • Single Point of Contact for all project related updates

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