• Vision Statement-To redefine legal outsourcing with our innovative end-to-end solutions.
  • Relentless Commitment to Quality-Reduced cost is an added advantage;it's our Quality that makes us the preferred research partners across the United States.
  • CaseLaw360™-Don't waste time looking for needles in a haystack; find the exact precedents with CaseLaw360™.
  • Get the ORP Edge-Learn how ORP's innovative solutions can greatly reduce your costs and risks.
  • Get the ORP Edge
Our Firm

We are committed to enhance the quality and ambit of legal process outsourcing services by matching or exceeding the in-house standards of our customers. With ORP, you never feel that you have outsourced!

We Believe

The future of legal outsourcing is in moving up the value chain by providing high quality innovative solutions. We believe that the success of our customers is the primary yardstick to measure our own success.

Our Expertise

We help the legal people focus on the key aspects of their legal endeavors by assisting, partnering, complementing and supporting them. We understand the legal as well as the business facet of your projects and ensure that our priorities are aligned with yours.