At Offshore Research Partners, our objective is to provide high-quality legal support services that enable attorneys and firms to reduce costs and stay ahead of the competition. Our efficient and streamlined processes are designed to ensure that you receive the highest standards of work with an unmatched turnaround time. Our rigorous quality control processes coupled with rapid responsiveness to client needs result in the perfect solutions for all your outsourcing requirements.

Vision Statement

Our motto is “Preserving Talent, Promoting Intelligence”TM. We believe that an intelligent innovative technique coupled with the right talent pool is the key to quality services and satisfied customers. We believe in not just understanding and speaking our client’s language but also in transgressing the conventional roles of outsourcing vendors and work as business partners with our clients. ORP aims to become a globally recognized brand known for its values, commitment, efficiency and quality of services and raise the bar of legal process outsourcing services all across the world.


Offshore Research Partners was founded with the vision to provide attorneys with solutions they had long wished for. The firm was founded in 2009 by Ashish Arun, who at the time, had been successfully managing the Daubert Tracker legal research database, worked on product innovation and testing assignments with LexisNexis and had managed 50-state legal research projects for the Northwestern University. After gaining years of valuable experience with top research firms and publishing houses and having provided manifold research solutions to various law firms, the foundation for Offshore Research Partners was already laid.

Aiming to use his personal experience and expertise in the field of legal research, Ashish set out to form a team of attorneys at par with the best legal minds in the world. Within days of its inception, Myles Levin, CEO and President of Daubert Tracker LLC, came onboard as a Strategic Partner bringing with him rich experience in the field of Expert Witness Research and Litigation.

Today, ORP has a full-fledged team of highly skilled attorneys with extensive training on the different aspects of U.S. and European legal systems. We also have a temporary team of U.S. qualified attorneys who assist the Indian team on a need-to basis. ORP’s office in Evanston, IL (USA) serves our U.S. based customers by providing on-location support on all aspects of our practice.